The most important, beloved figure in any Lebanese family is the grandmother, or sitti. This is especially true for the families, like ours, who started making the journey to America, from tiny Lebanese villages nearly a century ago. Our grandmothers were the caretakers and teachers of our home country's culture, faith and food. Always food.

It cannot be overstated how vital those long, communal tables were to our understanding of family, life and who we are. Strangers and new arrivals from the homeland were always welcome. Meals were delicious and never-ending. Laughter and warmth floated amidst us and cascaded down across generations, holding us together, connecting us, as our families took root here in North Carolina.

Sitti embodies this cherished sense of connectedness and family.

From the Saleh and Hatem families to yours, welcome!

Hours: Monday - Thursday : 11am - 10pm, Friday - Saturday : 11am - Midnight, Sunday 11am - 9pm
137 S. Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC 27601, 919.239.4070 | Buy Siti Gift Cards
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